About Us

About Us




The owners have been living at Finca Natura with their dog Honey since 2006. They first

arrived on Lanzarote in 2000, sick of the London rat race and looking for a change of pace.  They

certainly found it on Lanzarote and fell in love with the island – especially the north, which still

remains largely unspoilt and untouched by mass market tourism.


Their main passion is gardening and outdoor living and they were delighted to find that they could

exchange a one bedroom shoe box in Shepherds Bush for a beautiful slice of nature here, even

though the farmhouse was very run down and the large garden was overgrown with weeds

and the terrace walls in ruins.


They have spent six years slowly renovating it and bringing it all back to life and very much

hope that you enjoy it and get as much pleasure from it as they do.  It is also of paramount

importance to them that you get the most out of your stay at Finca Natura – so don’t hesitate to

ask if you want any help or advice before you book or when you are here.

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