Guest Services

Guest Services

We offer a range of additional guest services to enhance your stay at Finca Natura.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information – we are also more than happy to cater to specific requests.

Bike Hire

Explore the local countryside on two wheels.  Mountain and road bikes (including children´s models) can be delivered to the Finca for a minimum hire period of 3 days.

Price :: From €12 per day


Enjoy a 1hr Full Body Stress Buster massage in the comfort of the Finca from our expert visiting English speaking masseur.

Price :: 1 person €50 per hour OR 2 persons €35 per hour each

Guided Walks

Join one of our fascinating guided walks.  Conducted every week by a qualified English speaking guide these group walks explore key areas of interest across the island.  These walks change weekly, so contact Gaby on for available dates, routes and prices.

Finca Natura Welcome Pack

For guests who don’t want to spend their first day shopping we offer the Finca Natura welcome pack, which contains: jam, wine, beers, peanuts, crisps, serrano ham, goats cheese, bread, water, milk, tea, coffee, butter, tomatoes, oranges and fruit juice.

Other specific items available on request.

Price :: €35

Aloe Vera Toiletries Pack

Save on packing space and enjoy the soothing properties of Aloe Vera.  Our toiletries pack contains soap, deodorant, shampoo, and skin care lotion – all made from Aloe Vera plants grown here on Lanzarote.

Price :: €35

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