Guide to Arrieta – Finca Natura

Guide to Arrieta – Finca Natura



Finca Natura is just a few minutes drive from Playa Garita in Arrieta, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches on Lanzarote.

It’s very much a beach of two halves – the left hand or village side of the beach boasts good amenities such as showers, WC’s a couple of restaurants and Red Cross and lifeguard posts. Whilst the right hand side of the beach is unregulated and free to all, including the odd nudist and plenty of dog lovers. The two halves are often divided by a bank of pebbles which ebb and flow with the tide.

The white sand beaches known collectively as Caletones Blanco are also within a 10 to 15 minutes drive. These bays and coves are located on the road to Orzola, just past the Jameos del Agua and are particularly unspoilt.


Shopping and Markets

There are two small supermarkets located in Arrieta, one at the garage (which also sells the cheapest petrol on the island) and another in the village itself (hardly a bustling conurbation so impossible to miss).

You can buy a small selection of meat and fish in the garage supermarket and a decent enough range of fruit, veg and local cheeses in the village shop. There´s a slightly larger supermarket (still tiny by UK standards) in nearby Guatiza, just past the Cactus Garden.

If however you want more of a more conventional shopping experience then you´ll need to head into the nearest resort of Costa Teguise (about 15 minutes drive), where there are branches of chain stores such as Spar and Netto.

Don’t miss the weekly market which takes place every Saturday morning in Haria. Here you can buy locally grown fruit and veg, along with bread, cheeses, wines etc. It´s an atmospheric event and well worth visiting just for a coffee and stroll. A more condensed version of same also now takes place every Thursday morning in the village of Tahiche, which is about 10 minutes drive away.

Eating Out

There are lots of restaurants in Arrieta and within a ten minute drive of Finca Natura. We provide in depth information about the best places to eat and drink locally for our guests in the Guestbook at the finca.


The North of Lanzarote is home to most of the best attractions on the island, so there really is plenty for guests to see and do. All of the attractions listed below can be reached in 15 minutes or less.

Jameos del Agua
Arguably Cesar Manrique´s greatest creation the Jameos del Agua is probably best described as a beautiful garden located in and around an underground grotto.

The Green Caves

Part of the same lava tunnel which provides the backdrop for the Jameos del Agua, the Green Caves are a volcanic cave system which were once used as a hideout from marauding pirates.

The Cactus Garden
Manrique´s celebration of the plant world’s spiniest species is a must see for garden lovers.

Mirador del Rio

This amazing lookout point provides breathtaking views of the neighbouring island of La Graciosa and is another Manrique masterpiece.

César Manrique Foundation
The former home and studio of César Manrique is built into five underground volcanic chambers and is an impressive feat of architecture and engineering.


Built along similar lines, LagOmar was once owned by the famous film star Omar Sharif and is now home to a restaurant and house museum.

Haria/Valley of 1000 Palms

The village of Haria sits on the floor of a palm packed valley which is by far the greenest spot on Lanzarote.


Teguise was Lanzarote´s capital until 1852 and is a real treasure trove of colonial buildings and interesting architecture.


Take a day trip to the tiny neighbouring island of La Graciosa. It´s like stepping back in time and also boasts some of the best beaches anywhere in the Canaries.

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